Simplifying Home Buying Process

Today’s home buyers are looking beyond traditional practices by real estate brokers and agents of yesteryears; they want the home buying process made simple and faster so they can stay ahead of things.

With mobile connectivity becoming ubiquitous, home buyers (read: local, OFWs, expat) are into social media to connect directly to real estate companies in preferred locations.

At easyhomesdailyph, our service and accessibility makes all the difference. Promoting affordable homes and simplifying home buying transactions is our business policy and commitment to you.

Check out easyhomesdailyph’s presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We bring our services closer to you! Wherever your business and social network may be. We also support Pabahay para sa OFW.

Take a look at our presentation. If you’ve purchased more than one property in the country, you will likely agree that we know what we are talking about. Even so, see how we made things so uncomplicated.

The difference at Easyhomesdailyph

Easyhomesdailyph provides clients with what they need to get things done more quickly. This added convenience means saving a great deal of time and affords more time for clients to take care of their business and less disruptions.

Our experienced property sales specialists are skilled and knowledgeable in the business of property sales and acquisition in the Philippine context and they can walk you through the process with less hassle and, critically, sidestep costly mistakes.

We feel that our real estate sales service is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we take extra measures to tailor each case to suit the unique needs of individual client for better service, such as pabahay para sa OFW.

Before you buy or sell – we will explain the steps in the process of buying or selling property so you will be guided of requisites such as:

legal processing fees
taxes (updated tax declaration by seller; capital gains and transfer taxes by buyer)
financing options

Financial services for buyers – with the exception of cash transactions, a common cause of delays in transaction and wasted time is due to lack of access to loan facilities for most first time property buyers, OFWs included.

Our solution:

a) Bank loan pre-approval without going to the bank
b) Pag-ibig Fund loan assistance
c) Private finance options, in case of bank credit disqualification

Action to buy a selected property – 1) review the contract to sell  with our Realtor after ocular inspection of the property to ensure the contract you are signing contains the specific property you are buying 2) for existing private property, seek confirmation of ownership with the Registry of Deeds, or encumbrance thereof, if any, for the transaction to move forward.

Payment of Deposit – after clearing the above-mentioned hurdles, the buyer may issue a check to the seller representing a deposit amount as stipulated in the contract and accompanying legal and processing fees due, if any, for ownership transfer documentation to begin.


The most significant part of the real estate deal is settlement.

Easyhomesdailyph will facilitate document processing to banks, property owner or developer, on available required documents supplied to us by the buying and selling parties.

We will ensure that our buyer finally obtains the title of ownership or, in the case of a mortgage loan, the bank releases payment to the property owner/seller.

Yes, at easyhomesdailyph, it’s all about simplifying home buying process to enhance your buying experience.

We support pabahay para sa OFW. Like easyhomesdailyph on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

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