Turnaround in the Australian Property Market

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Photo Credit: AGBeat

Strong market signals gathered in September shore up a turnaround in the Australian property market. Despite a market slump, prices in eight capital cities reported a slow but steady upward trend following a string of price drops.

Record low interest of 2.75 percent may be nudged a little lower still by the Reserve Bank of Australia. In the aftermath of a federal election, Australians get a boost of confidence in their new government, thereby buying up the marketplace.

Overseas, the housing market in the U.S. is still struggling with foreclosures and staggering decline in values by more than 70 percent, according to the Property Observer, an Australian magazine. Many U.S. investors are looking over to Australia, where housing real estate has been a relatively secure investment for the past ten years.

In Australia, real estate represents a positive assets’ base; a property can generally be acquired at 80 to 90 percent LVR (loan-to-valuation ratio), when coupled with mortgage insurance.

In June, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released data showing the trend of the continued rise in the house price index in eight capital cities compared to figures since 2011.

These elements combine to form a perfect atmosphere for a recovery in housing. And there isn’t a much better time to get in the property market than today.

There are experienced real estate practitioners who operate around New South Wales and Sydney with outstanding familiarity of their turf. They conduct the appraisal of your property, both commercials in the best streets and premiere locations, and residential in plush villages.

These real estate experts work methodically in the entire NSW territory, including Sydney will match buyers to certain types, and get negotiations going employing different effective approaches in selling your property.

They manage an extensive service to clients by working with you every step of the way until your property is sold off. This kind of end-to-end service has proven to promote a quicker rate of sale and happy clients.

In Sydney, the undersupply of housing drives up property prices. The shortage also results in higher rates in rent.

Do your homework and shop around for a unique service from an expert real estate agency. Pick a real estate agency that can maximize your property’s sale price, save you a lot of money and sell off your property in record time!

JANET GRACE ORTIGAS is a journalist and Health Editor at GuardianLV.com. She is also the Founder and Chairwoman of http://visualseocopy.com, a Media and Marketing Agency she founded in 2012.

This article originally appeared on http://visualseocopy.com


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