Why We Need Inspiration


Inspirations are not only for artists or those with creative skills to motivate them and complete something. We all need inspiration to free our soul from the bondage of worries and give us directions in life. The problem is most of us do not know what really inspires us.

Inspiration is food for our soul that desperately drives us to be better and be the person we want to be. Nobody can tell us what should and should not inspire us because it is a personal journey that sets our soul free.

We have different sources of inspiration. While some artists are inspired by travel and nature, others get fired up from socializing and talking to people, but there are those who draw inspiration from quotes about life.

Inspiration vs motivation

Inspiration comes from an internal source, usually after an honest and life-long series of inner reflection while motivation is reward based, which compels us to do something. Inspirations come before motivation, it is long-term and goal oriented. Motivation is short-term and turns our ideas into actions.

If we are inspired, we will not only motivate ourselves but others as well. People will be attracted to us because they love to be inspired and being around us makes everything seem possible.

If you don’t know what inspires you, you can try these sources:

• Travel and visit another culture and learn about them.
• Enjoy a quiet walk along the beach to give you time to reflect.
• Go to photography exhibitions to see the beauty of captured images.
• Read the biographies of successful people.
• Talk to old people and listen to their stories.
• Keep in contact with your family and friends.
• Meet new people who share the same interest with you.
• Read motivational quotes if you need to summon your inner strength.
• Listen to classical music, it may make you smarter.
• Connect everything you do to your values to tap your inner source of power.
• Go out with positive people and try new restaurants and different types of cuisine.
• Try to support a noble cause like feeding the poor or saving the environment.
• Inspire others if you are passionate about it.

Life is all about choices. If you think, your life is awful, it will be. Stay positive. Don’t bring yourself down by dwelling in the past. Switch to the future and envision the possibilities. If you need an inspiration, it will find you if you are receptive and detached from negative thoughts.

Janet Grace Ortigas is a journalist and Health Editor at GuardianLV.com. She is also the Founder and Chairwoman of http://visualseocopy.com, a Media and Marketing Agency she founded in 2012. Follow Janet on Twitter @visualSEOCopy

This article originally appeared on iReport.CNN.com


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