Email Marketing Important Avenues of Communication

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Email marketing is considered one of the effective and most important avenues of communication. It has been an essential tool for business since the advent of the Internet. It is a form of direct marketing using electronic mail as a means of communicating to current or potential customers.

The outdated batch-and-blast email marketing style has expired and transformed to the changes that reflect the digital buyers who are better informed and see bad marketing for what it is.

Your challenge as a marketer is to reach these savvier consumers with engaging content that speaks to them individually. Bombarding them with sales and deals will blow any shot you have to build trust. If you do your email marketing well, you can have the greatest ROI compared to other channels across every age demographics and marketing channels.

Emails should be sent with the purpose of enhancing customer relationship and encourage loyalty and repeat business. It should be sent with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convince current customers to purchase something.

How to determine if your email marketing is not working.

Nobody reads your email

Don’t ignore the basic metrics. Monitor your open and click rates to determine the efficacy of your campaigns. If you’re only getting 2 percent click rates, 98 percent of the people you email is not engaging with what you have to say.

Weak email list

Beware implicit opt-in marketing because people might have registered on a third party site or who cannot remember they have explicitly asked to receive your email. Add a welcome email and only offer single opt-ins. While it is not a fool-proof tactic, it is a good place to start.

You blast everyone with the same message

Personalized email marketing provides the most effective results because customers prefer to create customized experiences not a one-off messaging tool. Bad email marketing is a wasted effort and can do irreparable damage to your brand.

Email marketing advantages over traditional mail marketing

As over half of the Internet users check and send their mail every day, marketers can reach out to them. When done properly, email marketing is the most effective online marketing tactic because advertisers can reach a substantial number of subscribers who opted to receive communications on the product or services, they are interested.

Email marketing is only going to cost you tiddlywinks compared to other advertising channels even if you do it through an agency. It is easy to track responses; it is measurable and flexible, and you can modify your campaign strategy if you need to.

Make your emails relevant

Make your emails personalized and relevant. Measure what time works best for you to send your email to recipients. Utilize integrated marketing communication where all aspects of your promotion carry the same message and image as your entire operation.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

First appeared in CNN iReport

This article originally appeared on CNN iReport.


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