Wellness Revolution Growing Consciousness

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The wellness revolution and the growing consciousness about the juice we drink says a lot about who we are.

In the matter of juicing, celebrities and chefs endorse the healthful wonders of juicing fruits, vegetables and herbs. Health advocates list health benefits such as detoxification of the liver and colon, boosting your body’s immunity, weight loss and cancer prevention.

The ever popular and fashionable, juicing entered the mainstream market through our living room as we watch primetime TV. It’s supposed to be a domestic thing to buy the pricey and shiny little appliance perched on the kitchen counter.

Juicer type

The masticating juicer is the newer type in the market but with specialized extraction method to please health buffs and juice lovers. It is the kind of juicer you watched Jack LaLanne demonstrating on TV.

Cold press extracts the most juice from fruits and vegetables. It works by slowly crushing and pressing the fruit or vegetable to extract the juice and reducing the pulp and skin into a dry state.

No other type of juicer works with exceptional efficiency to extract milk from nuts such as cashew and almonds into fresh milk juice. It also works smoothly to extract green juice from wheat grass.

It packs fresher nutrients into the juices because the slow crushing and pressing motion produce less heat and does not break down nutrients.

Big business in juicing

Now, big business is in on the juicing trend, part of a $50 billion a year health and wellness food market. It’s even in the news on Reuters.

Starbucks, the nation’s favorite coffee brand, bought Evolution Fresh for $30 million dollars. Howard Schultz understands America’s fascination with fresh juices and will set up more juice bars in the West Coast, where Evolution Fresh is based.

More people are turning to healthy freshly-pressed juices from caffeine. Starbucks must have recognized this trend, too. On the other hand, the enthusiasm on juicing has encouraged many to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their backyard.

Juices from fruits and vegetables give you a concentrated cocktail that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Others share smoothie recipes online to go along with their varied taste in juicing.

They are a good source of nutrition and energy. Finally, juices are a low-calorie intake that helps you get rid of fat, extra weight and allergies, and re-invigorate your metabolism to maintain a healthy weight.

As the wellness revolution became a growing consciousness, many people are now taking charge of their own health by eating the right food to stay healthy.

This article, written by Janet Grace Ortigasoriginally appeared on http://visualseocopy.com

Janet Grace Ortigas is the founder of marketing and media website http://visualseocopy.com. She is a journalist, copywriter and Health Editor of Guardian Express LV.


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