Rising From Deep Slumber

The long shadow of time beat down impartially to a set of alumni in a path sliding towards obscurity and oblivion. Well, almost!

For over forty seven years, the Hawaiian Philippine Company Elementary School Batch 1969 (HPCo. E/S Batch 69) has gone dormant, like in a state of blissful sleep.


Then, one day, an awakening shattered the air of uncertainty over the future of the alumni. After nearly five decades in hibernation, a core group came to life to call on fellow alumni to regroup and organize themselves.

The group leveraged today’s technological advances in communication to connect all alumni from one end of planet Earth to the other. A chat room on Facebook was setup for instant access to the conversations.

Overcoming the cobwebs of years of inactivity, a handful group of eight alumni celebrated the first ever and historic milestone: 47th reunion of HPCo. E/S Batch 69 in December 2016. The attendees were Madam Pres. Haydee Ricafort, Arlene Chu, Alice Pedral, Corazon Asejo, Jose Asejo, Elmer Posa, Jie Bitamor and Corazon Sulpico.

Motivated by renewed enthusiasm and a profound sense of purpose, the alumni resolved to meet regularly as they invited the others and quickly grew in number.

Last May 11, 2017, thirteen alumni gathered for lunch at Melken’s in Balaring, Silay City.

Then again in May 27, 2017, fourteen alumni had lunch and videoke at Melken’s, joined in by balikbayan and fellow alumni now based in the United States, Fr. Uldarico dela Pena.

Organizing for the 50th Golden Alumni Homecoming

Last September 2, with 28 alumni in attendance, the HPCo. E/S Batch 69 met at the Silay North Elementary School ALS Room, formed an organization and planned for a big 48th alumni homecoming on December 23, 2017, with a couple of socio-civic activities for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students on 21st December.

This was followed by another alumni meeting last October 1 held at the same venue.

Meanwhile, Batch 69 has turned over donations to its Alma Mater: two bookshelves and an educational globe for the Library and volleyball set for athletes. Donations are the alumni’s way of giving back to their beloved school.

And yet, the grand goal is for all alumni to unite and come in force for the 50th Golden alumni reunion on May 2019.

Presently, HPCo. E/S Batch 69, which comprises over 170 students in four sections on record, has reached out to 60 alumni and counting.

Contributors: Jie Bitamor and Regie J. Begaso


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