Rising From Deep Slumber

The long shadow of time beat down impartially to a set of alumni in a path sliding towards obscurity and oblivion. Well, almost!

For over forty seven years, the Hawaiian Philippine Company Elementary School Batch 1969 (HPCo. E/S Batch 69) has gone dormant, like in a state of blissful sleep.


Then, one day, an awakening shattered the air of uncertainty over the future of the alumni. After nearly five decades in hibernation, a core group came to life to call on fellow alumni to regroup and organize themselves.

The group leveraged today’s technological advances in communication to connect all alumni from one end of planet Earth to the other. A chat room on Facebook was setup for instant access to the conversations.

Overcoming the cobwebs of years of inactivity, a handful group of eight alumni celebrated the first ever and historic milestone: 47th reunion of HPCo. E/S Batch 69 in December 2016. The attendees were Madam Pres. Haydee Ricafort, Arlene Chu, Alice Pedral, Corazon Asejo, Jose Asejo, Elmer Posa, Jie Bitamor and Corazon Sulpico.

Motivated by renewed enthusiasm and a profound sense of purpose, the alumni resolved to meet regularly as they invited the others and quickly grew in number.

Last May 11, 2017, thirteen alumni gathered for lunch at Melken’s in Balaring, Silay City.

Then again in May 27, 2017, fourteen alumni had lunch and videoke at Melken’s, joined in by balikbayan and fellow alumni now based in the United States, Fr. Uldarico dela Pena.

Organizing for the 50th Golden Alumni Homecoming

Last September 2, with 28 alumni in attendance, the HPCo. E/S Batch 69 met at the Silay North Elementary School ALS Room, formed an organization and planned for a big 48th alumni homecoming on December 23, 2017, with a couple of socio-civic activities for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students on 21st December.

This was followed by another alumni meeting last October 1 held at the same venue.

Meanwhile, Batch 69 has turned over donations to its Alma Mater: two bookshelves and an educational globe for the Library and volleyball set for athletes. Donations are the alumni’s way of giving back to their beloved school.

And yet, the grand goal is for all alumni to unite and come in force for the 50th Golden alumni reunion on May 2019.

Presently, HPCo. E/S Batch 69, which comprises over 170 students in four sections on record, has reached out to 60 alumni and counting.

Contributors: Jie Bitamor and Regie J. Begaso


Vegetable Juicing

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Photo: juicing-for-health.com

Juicing-for-Health.com features this highly interesting article about juicing vegetables and the benefits. Find out more…

Ultimately, you want to aim to drink more vegetable juices for its highly cleansing and healing properties that are effective for reversing many ailments and … melting away toxic fats.

If you have clicked on this section first, I suggest you also read the fruit juicing section later, about why you should juice. The reasons for vegetable juicing and fruit juicing are the same, but vegetables have something much more important that fruits have less of — chlorophyll.

What Is Chlorophyll?

When you hear the word “chlorophyll“, you may vaguely remember this word from Biology in school. To some of you, the word may mean almost nothing, other than the green thing in plants.

Yes, it is “the green thing” in plants, the phytochemical that makes plants green. But, it is also a very important proteinous compound that acts as our internal healer, cleanser, antiseptic, cell stimulator, rejuvenator and red blood cell builder, just as it is the “lifeblood” of the plant.

Read more >>>

Fruit and vegetable juicing may be key to helping people with addictions

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Photo: naturalnews.com

(NaturalNews) Could juicing be instrumental in overcoming addictions ranging from nicotine to misuse of medications? For many people, the answer is a resounding, “yes.”

Keri Kenseth, an avid juicer, says that eating fresh fruits and vegetables in this manner is the ideal way for people to maintain good health, or in the case of people with addictions, to nurture their bodies back to health.

How juicing helps people with addictions restore their health

Bodies that have faced years of addictions are riddled with toxins that wreak havoc on overall functioning. From clarity, mood, circulation, to digestion, virtually every aspect of a properly-running system is jeopardized when addictions enter the picture.

That’s where juicing comes in.

Kenseth explains that juicing allows people to consume only the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables, which work to flush out the toxins that have been accumulated from addictive behaviors. Good thing, because over time, all that tobacco, alcohol or other harmful substances can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

Because the fresh fruits and vegetables used for juicing are void of animal products and refined sugars, the body regains energy and its immune system becomes stronger, helping to give those addictions a proper send-off as they leave our body. In other words, adding known harms like processed foods or ones that are not whole to our diets only add fuel to the fire for a body that’s already struggling with toxins.

Personal stories of those who credit juicing for turning their life around

One incredible story comes from Quentin Vennie. He was a heavy smoker, overdosed on Vicodin and struggled with addictions to other medications. Flash forward to a life of juicing and yoga, he’s free of his addictions and now a Certified Personal Trainer in New York City. He says he looks to foods, not medications, to heal himself.


There’s also Tom Coghill, who admits to facing muscle spasms and short-term memory loss after abusing alcohol, painkillers and tranquilizers. When he decided to make a change in his life, he started juicing foods like carrots, cantaloupe, cucumber and watermelon. He says he experienced increased energy and more importantly, turned his life from one of life-threatening addictions to one of health and newfound spirituality.

While juicing clearly has many benefits, it should be noted that it may not be for everyone. It may sometimes cause diarrhea, hyperglycemia symptoms due to consumption of high concentrations of natural sugars, or lead to infections in instances where individuals do not properly clean their juicers.


Email Marketing Important Avenues of Communication

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Photo credit: ichitect.com

Email marketing is considered one of the effective and most important avenues of communication. It has been an essential tool for business since the advent of the Internet. It is a form of direct marketing using electronic mail as a means of communicating to current or potential customers.

The outdated batch-and-blast email marketing style has expired and transformed to the changes that reflect the digital buyers who are better informed and see bad marketing for what it is.

Your challenge as a marketer is to reach these savvier consumers with engaging content that speaks to them individually. Bombarding them with sales and deals will blow any shot you have to build trust. If you do your email marketing well, you can have the greatest ROI compared to other channels across every age demographics and marketing channels.

Emails should be sent with the purpose of enhancing customer relationship and encourage loyalty and repeat business. It should be sent with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convince current customers to purchase something.

How to determine if your email marketing is not working.

Nobody reads your email

Don’t ignore the basic metrics. Monitor your open and click rates to determine the efficacy of your campaigns. If you’re only getting 2 percent click rates, 98 percent of the people you email is not engaging with what you have to say.

Weak email list

Beware implicit opt-in marketing because people might have registered on a third party site or who cannot remember they have explicitly asked to receive your email. Add a welcome email and only offer single opt-ins. While it is not a fool-proof tactic, it is a good place to start.

You blast everyone with the same message

Personalized email marketing provides the most effective results because customers prefer to create customized experiences not a one-off messaging tool. Bad email marketing is a wasted effort and can do irreparable damage to your brand.

Email marketing advantages over traditional mail marketing

As over half of the Internet users check and send their mail every day, marketers can reach out to them. When done properly, email marketing is the most effective online marketing tactic because advertisers can reach a substantial number of subscribers who opted to receive communications on the product or services, they are interested.

Email marketing is only going to cost you tiddlywinks compared to other advertising channels even if you do it through an agency. It is easy to track responses; it is measurable and flexible, and you can modify your campaign strategy if you need to.

Make your emails relevant

Make your emails personalized and relevant. Measure what time works best for you to send your email to recipients. Utilize integrated marketing communication where all aspects of your promotion carry the same message and image as your entire operation.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas

First appeared in CNN iReport

This article originally appeared on CNN iReport.

Turnaround in the Australian Property Market

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Photo Credit: AGBeat

Strong market signals gathered in September shore up a turnaround in the Australian property market. Despite a market slump, prices in eight capital cities reported a slow but steady upward trend following a string of price drops.

Record low interest of 2.75 percent may be nudged a little lower still by the Reserve Bank of Australia. In the aftermath of a federal election, Australians get a boost of confidence in their new government, thereby buying up the marketplace.

Overseas, the housing market in the U.S. is still struggling with foreclosures and staggering decline in values by more than 70 percent, according to the Property Observer, an Australian magazine. Many U.S. investors are looking over to Australia, where housing real estate has been a relatively secure investment for the past ten years.

In Australia, real estate represents a positive assets’ base; a property can generally be acquired at 80 to 90 percent LVR (loan-to-valuation ratio), when coupled with mortgage insurance.

In June, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released data showing the trend of the continued rise in the house price index in eight capital cities compared to figures since 2011.

These elements combine to form a perfect atmosphere for a recovery in housing. And there isn’t a much better time to get in the property market than today.

There are experienced real estate practitioners who operate around New South Wales and Sydney with outstanding familiarity of their turf. They conduct the appraisal of your property, both commercials in the best streets and premiere locations, and residential in plush villages.

These real estate experts work methodically in the entire NSW territory, including Sydney will match buyers to certain types, and get negotiations going employing different effective approaches in selling your property.

They manage an extensive service to clients by working with you every step of the way until your property is sold off. This kind of end-to-end service has proven to promote a quicker rate of sale and happy clients.

In Sydney, the undersupply of housing drives up property prices. The shortage also results in higher rates in rent.

Do your homework and shop around for a unique service from an expert real estate agency. Pick a real estate agency that can maximize your property’s sale price, save you a lot of money and sell off your property in record time!

JANET GRACE ORTIGAS is a journalist and Health Editor at GuardianLV.com. She is also the Founder and Chairwoman of http://visualseocopy.com, a Media and Marketing Agency she founded in 2012.

This article originally appeared on http://visualseocopy.com

Saying Hello to Blogosphere

Photo: blogs.law.harvard

Photo: blogs.law.harvard

Scientists espouse the theory that the universe was created with a “Big Bang.” As the theory goes, one blast or a series of cataclysmic blasts started the process of creation that brought galactic elements in the state and order that they are today. When dust settled, there emerged our planet Earth with a few degrees tilt, a balanced atmosphere and as many as four seasons.

What caused the big bang or who caused it or why it happened where it happened when the big bang happened doesn’t seem to concern most people. Do you?

Well, I hope I got your attention as I start out this blog. I just want to greet all in the Blogosphere a big “hello!”

I surely hope you’ll smile back at my greetings. I wish ye all are doing great!

The reasons why this business blog came to be is contained in the About page.

We did have a pre-existence for many years (of course, not before the supposed Big Bang) and Easyhomesdailyph is the new name for a group that’s now on its 10th year. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Easyhomesdailyph promotes simplified property selling and buying solutions so you stay ahead of things. And we are connected on social media to bring our services closer to you.

For home buyers, real estate transaction is a crucial matter that involves considerable financial implications. Indeed, home buying is a major financial decision, especially for first time home buyers. For fear of unexpected costs, most buyers want to do it right the first time.

That is the kind of reliable service Easyhomesdailyph delivers. Talk to us today.

We cater to local, pabahay para sa OFW, expat property sellers and buyers, and investors.

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